The FnB EXPO will be the convening platform for the industry, as it addresses optimizing operational efficiency, driving responsible sourcing with traceable supply chains, navigating entry barriers in new markets, adopting sustainable practices, and generating new funding sources across the entire F&B manufacturing value chain.

At the Food and Beverage Expo 2023, we intend to provide an overview of this essential industry and look at the uniqueness of its equipment. There are several new technologies launched regularly

Be a part of an exhibition that will provide results and profit beyond marketing!

  • Joining the growing Food Industry.
  • Expand your business, develop your network and increase your sales
  • Explore the phenomenal opportunities currently taking place in tourism, entertainment and hospitality
  • Signup to deals with new vendors, wholesalers and suppliers within the F&B business.

Why Exhibit

Take your Food and Beverage business to the next level!
Your participation at the FnB EXPO 2023 will open doors to a multitude of opportunities and will undoubtedly bring great commercial benefits for your business, as it will allow you to share your products and technologies with the people that matter.
Network, Explore and Expand!
  • Enjoy on-site sales
  • Roll out new products
  • See what the competition is doing
  • Reach purchases & decisions – makers
  • Get increased visibility in the right marketplace
  • Reconnect with both the Indian and global marketplace   
  • Showcase your products and services to thousands of important buyers from organized retail, wholesale and mass catering.
  • Attend b2b meetings with targeted buyers across India

Scope of Sponsorship Packages

  • Increase Brand Visibility
  • Indoor advertising, website brochures
  • Highlighting your brand
  • Early Listing in our Marketing Campaigns
  • Find New Sources of Industry Information
  • Find New Partners or Distributions
  • Find New Sales Contacts