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The Global Dairy Impact

Year after year, generation after generation, milk and dairy foods continue to be a trusted source of nutrition and comfort around the world. More than 80% of the world’s population, or about 6 billion people, regularly consume liquid milk or other dairy products. Dairy farming and processing are integral to national economies and individual livelihoods. There are about 133 million dairy farms globally. Over 600 million people live on dairy farms including 80 million women, around 37 million of whom head up their farms. 9% of the global milk production is traded annually.

The annual milk production obtained from all these enterprises is approximately 850 million tons. Almost all of this production is obtained from cows, buffalo, goats, sheep and camels. More than 80 percent of the total production from all species is provided only from cows. This rate constitutes almost 100 percent of production, especially in developed countries.

The Indian Dairy Market

India is the highest milk producer and ranks first position in the world contributing 24% of global milk production in the year 2021-22. The milk production of India has registered 51% increase during the last eight years i.e., during the years 2014-15 and 2021-22 and increased to 221.06 Mn tonnes in the year 2021-22. Milk production increased by 5.29% in the year 2020-21. The top 5 milk-producing states are Rajasthan (15.05%), Uttar Pradesh (14.93%), Madhya Pradesh (8.6%), Gujarat (7.56%) and Andhra Pradesh (6.97%).  They together contribute 53.11% of total Milk production in the country.

Export of dairy products recorded a growth of 19.45% as its export rose to $471 Mn in FY 2022-23 till April-December 2022 from $395 Mn in April-December 2021 of the fiscal year.

 The Indian market growth in Dairy requires the support of significant infrastructure investment across processing, chilling, logistics, cattle feed, etc. Further, lucrative untapped opportunities exist in areas such as value-added dairy products, organic/ farm fresh milk, and exports. To facilitate infrastructure growth, Central/ State Governments have released various incentives to attract investments in this sector. Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development fund (AHIDF) is one of the flagship schemes by DAHD, Government of India whereby INR 15,000 Cr fund has been setup for offering financial support to set up new units or expand existing units in areas of dairy processing & related value addition infrastructure, meat processing & related value addition infrastructure and Animal Feed Plant.

Challenges and Opportunities 

Although the dairy sector has to deal with a number of challenges, favourable long-term consumer trends and developing technologies provide a number of opportunities as well. These challenges and opportunities are at the producer, processor and retailer levels. It then outlines some of the overarching themes presented by these challenges and opportunities, and looks at how the dairy industry as a whole needs to adapt.

Exhibit at Dairy Expo 

We understand the pressures of sustaining a business in this new era. Hence, an exhibition for the dairy industry can be a great way to showcase the latest advancements, products, and services in the sector, as well as provide networking opportunities for industry stakeholders. As an individual or organization interested in participating in a dairy expo, there are several steps you can take to make the most out of the event and showcase your offerings effectively. The Dairy Expo 2023 will be a platform for the international Dairy industry interested in Indian products and processing technology, in general. Buyers from top names in retailing and food service will be out in force in search of new products, new trends, new vendors, and new connections to help meet record consumer demand for the categories.

The Expo will offer its exhibitors the opportunity to meet key players and decision-makers from the Indian market. In addition, major buyers from the organized retail and wholesale from all across the country will also be attending and participating in B2B meetings with exhibitors of their choice. 

The Benefits of Participating in Dairy Expo

Showcase Your Products: If you're a dairy product manufacturer, display diverse range of products on display. Offer samples and product demonstrations to engage visitors and let them experience your items firsthand.

Highlight Innovations: If you have any innovative products, equipment, or practices in the dairy industry, you can feature them prominently at the Dairy Expo. Visitors are often interested in the latest advancements.

Network with Industry Professionals: Take the opportunity to network with fellow exhibitors, industry experts, and potential business partners. Building connections can lead to future collaborations and opportunities.

New Launches: Through the expo platform launch your business into high gear for 2023, and build a business relationship that will reap long-term benefits.

Brand Building: Boost brand image & extend visibility to new heights.A unique and exclusive platform to strengthen and build your brand image. 

Why Exhibit

Exhibiting can be the difference between a normal day at work, or three days discovering and developing your next huge success. How many opportunities do you have to put your business in front of 3500+ decision-makers with purchasing power? 

Here are 5 Reasons Why to Exhibit

    • The Expo has multiple categories, aiming at maximizing the display of the exhibitor products.
    • Co-located with Asia Pack Tech Expo 2023 – the 2 powerful shows will showcase the entire gamut of packaging, processing, supply chain management, sustainable packaging including recyclability and packaging performance all under one roof. 
    • Meet and network with food processing industry stakeholders
    • 3,500 Indian & 1,500 international buyers are expected to sign up at the platform and arrange meetings with the exhibitors. 
    • Launch your business into high gear for 2023, and build a business relationship that will reap long-term benefits.

 Opportunities for Exhibitors

    • You will have the chance to connect with the domestic and global food & beverages market.
    • Discover new markets, business leads, prospective distributors, dealers, agents & associates.
    • An ideal platform for assessing the market to establish and extend your own presence.
    • Showcase innovative products, solutions and contemporary technologies.
    • Boost brand image & extend visibility to new heights.
    • Explore new business avenues and finalised business deals.
    • A perfect launch for new products and technologies.
    • An appropriate platform to strengthen and build your brand image.
    • A perfect meeting place for prospective exhibitors to meet prospective end-users. 

    Meet decision-makers & enhance your business through networking to gain & first-hand market